• 0000 (11796) G Series 10 1000×1000
  • 0003 (11793) G Series 7 1000×1000
  • 0002 (11794) G Series 8 1000×1000
  • 0001 (11795) G Series 9 1000×1000

ROLL-A-STEP: Self-Leveling Access Platform


Adjustable Height, Anywhere You Want It

The G Series is a variable height, self-leveling platform. The various height settings allow operators to work at the correct height for the job, in multiple locations with a single platform. Its 24”(609.6mm) wide steps and six square foot platform self level to present a safe walk and work surface throughout its working range.

The G Series’ six sq. ft. work area provides room for an operator and equipment, while the wide steel base provides excellent stability.

Adjustable Height

The G Series adjusts height with the removal of a single locking pin. The gas springs provide assistance in raising the platform, while gentle downward pressure lowers the platform. Replace the locking pin at the desired height and the stair is ready for use.

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Available in 4 models ranging from 7 to 10 steps

Work Area

The G Series’ six square foot work area is large enough for an operator, tools, and parts. Each platform also features a full toe board to prevent slips and tool misplacement.

Built to Last, Built for Safety

The aluminum upper hardware is built to last, both indoors and out. Our unyielding, self draining tread, is featured on all platforms and steps. This pattern provides safe, all weather access in both rain and snow and reduces ice build up.


The light weight and high quality casters make this rolling gangway easy for a single user to position. The soft 360° swiveling casters are easy to roll both indoors and out and allow precise placement around sensitive equipment.


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